Turn To Us is now live!

We are delighted to announce that the free Turn To Us travel support service is now live! The website can be accessed at www.turn-to-us.co.uk and will initially be live as a four-month trial until May 2019.

Turn To Us is being trialled within East Lothian, however everyone is welcome to look around the website. For now though, only those who live within East Lothian can register to access all the features. Any and all feedback we receive will directly inform the further development of the service.

We are incredibly excited to have launched the Turn To Us service, following over 18 months of design and development. We have worked with people living with dementia and their care network from across Scotland to ensure it responds to their needs. This four-month trial will allow us to evaluate and test the value of the service.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who has been involved with the project so far and we are looking forward to what this trial brings.


Turn To Us

Over the past year, the ESP Group have been working with people with dementia and their carers to develop Project Onwards. In doing so, we have co-designed a new travel service for people living with dementia called Turn To Us to help ease the transition of stopping driving.

Our initial engagement with people with dementia and their care network highlighted that stopping driving can be a difficult adjustment for some. Turn To Us will equip users with relevant information and helpful tools to empower them to remain independent, mobile and connected to their community.

Turn To Us
Image of the initial Turn To Us website designs

We have opted for a multi-channel service as this will allow individuals to interact with it in whichever method they prefer and will allow for both online & offline users. The service will support people through this transition and will incorporate the following:

  • Website to provide relevant information that will help build confidence and enable users to make informed decisions about driving and transport;
  • Online tools to offer personalised support through the transition of stopping driving;
  • Helpline, webchat and email option to talk to specifically trained advisors to answer questions and assist users;
  • Community workshops to encourage social interaction and the opportunity to meet with others who have shared or have similar experiences.

The next step is for our web-app developers Ember to begin the build phase of the project. We are looking forward to being able to launch and trial Turn To Us in East Lothian. The trial will test the service and allow us to gain real user feedback, learning what works well and what could be further considered.

Introducing Ember

Project Onwards is delighted to announce the appointment of our web app developer, Ember. Over the coming weeks, the designs for the ‘Turn to Us’ website created by Studio LR will be handed over to Ember to build the service. Its great to be working with Ember, who have previously worked on projects for people with dementia. We welcome their expertise on board!


Before we begin the build phase of the project, we will be meeting with people with dementia and their loved ones to review the website designs created by Studio LR. These reviews will help us evaluate the designs to learn what is working well and what requires further development. We believe that involving people with dementia in the design process is key to ensuring the service we are creating responds to their needs.


The build is an incredibly exciting part of the project. We are looking forward to working with Ember and seeing the service come to fruition.


To learn more about Ember and the work they do, visit their website: