Design review

In our previous project update, we mentioned that our new website designs created by StudioLR were ready to be reviewed. We were keen to share these with people with dementia and their care network to ensure their experiences and needs continue to shape the development of the website and wider service (including a helpline and workshops).

Over the last few weeks, we traveled to the Aberdeen Dementia Resource Centre and the Dementia Friendly East Lothian gathering in Haddington. In the past we have run lots of group sessions to discuss the challenges of transport and giving up driving, but for this phase we thought it would be better to meet with people individually, or with one of their care partners present. StudioLR had used a programme called ‘InVision’ to create a prototype, or mock-up, of the website. This means it is not a fully working website, but it looks a lot like one and you can click through some of the sections. Our participants could test the website on either laptop or iPad (depending what they felt most comfortable with) and offer their critique of the website designs.

Aberdeen Website Review Onwards Dementia Travel
The InVision mock-up that we discussed with people in East Lothian and Aberdeen

The feedback we received was incredibly insightful and is directly informing the further development of the website. We are updating the designs to respond to the feedback and comments we received. For example, the website will include some ‘How to Guides’ to help people through the transition of stopping driving and we received some great suggestions on what these should cover. For instance, one participant suggested that we could have instructions on how to do your first online grocery shop, as grocery shopping is a common worry for many people if they have to stop driving. Understanding what content is relevant is key to ensuring the website and the wider service will be useful.

In addition to specific learnings about the new website, we are continuing to build on our understanding of how best to involve people with dementia and their carers within the project’s development. We recognise the need for us to be flexible in how and when we engage with individuals and group. This means leaving plenty of time within our project plan and introducing ourselves to people early in the process. We will carry this knowledge forward as we engage with others throughout the project.

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