Age Scotland Training

On Friday, Project Onwards traveled to Galashiels in the Scottish Borders to attend dementia and veteran training hosted by Age Scotland. The training is part of the Veterans Project being ran by Age Scotland and Unforgotten Forces.

The training was very thought-provoking, as it challenged the stereotypes we sometimes see with regards to veterans and those with dementia. It highlighted the need to focus on the individual whilst challenging the negative portrayal or language that can be associated with dementia and veterans.

Dementia and veteran training delivered by Age Scotland as part of the Veterans Project

The training was a mix of presentations and interactive activities, which made it very engaging for attendees. A great example of this is the Age Scotland version of Snakes and Ladders. In the game, players can problem solve issues that people with dementia and veterans might face. The game was a fun way to learn about the services and resources that are currently available to people.

Age Scotland’s Snakes and Ladders board game


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