One year of Onwards

This week marks the end of World Alzheimer Month, an international campaign to raise public awareness and challenge the stigmas that surround dementia. It has been fascinating to see the stories and experiences that people have shared over the past month.


At the start of World Alzheimer’s Month 2017, we launched Project Onwards having been awarded funding from Life Changes Trust. Everyone diagnosed with dementia will inevitably have to give up driving. This can be a daunting prospect and many people fear it will be the loss of their independence.


We are proud to be working with people with dementia to develop a service that will ease this transition and enable them to travel well. Earlier this month, we received initial service designs from Studio LR and we will be reviewing these with people with dementia. Onwards has come so far in the past year and we are inspired to gain feedback that will inform the projects development further.


If you would like to be involved in the project or would like further information, please contact Lucy Geraghty at:

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