September events

Over the past few weeks, I attended the quarterly Life Changes Trust Gathering Event in Perth and a Dementia Friendly Tourism Workshop hosted by Interface and Life Changes Trust in Edinburgh. It was fantastic to see such a large turn-out at both events and shows how many people are interested in helping people with dementia live well. With a variety of speakers and topics, a few common themes stood out.


At both events, various speakers focused on the importance of engaging with people with dementia. At the dementia friendly tourism event, the line ‘something isn’t dementia friendly until people with dementia say it is’ was repeated throughout the day. It really highlighted the importance of ongoing user consultation to ensure companies are putting people with dementia at the center of their work.


With this in mind, we are currently looking for individuals with dementia to help us review website designs. We will host 30 – 45 minute sessions around Scotland and each participant will recieve £15 to cover any associated costs.

Each participant will receive £15 to cover any costs associated with attending a session. If you would be interested or would like any further information, please contact Lucy Geraghty at:


Dementia Freindly Tourism Event
The Dementia Friendly Tourism Workshop hosted by Interface and the Life Changes Trust


Through both events, another key theme was the importance of easy travel for people with dementia. With the creation of dementia friendly events and environments, we need to enable and empower people with dementia to be able to get out and about. During both events, various individuals spoke about transport being a barrier and this demonstrates the value and need for the Onwards project.


I am excited to continue developing the service to help people with dementia travel well.


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