Designing a Service

In my previous post, I mentioned that one of the key activities for us in this current phase of Onwards, was to begin pulling together the overall service offering. In particular, we were keen to engage a design team so we could start to visualise the service, starting with naming and branding. We were introduced to Studio LR – a Leith-based design team who are already involved in some interesting work with people with dementia. After initial conversations with Lucy – the Creative Director at StudioLR – it seemed clear to us that they could definitely help take us to the next stage with this project.

We spent time discussing the background to Project Onwards with StudioLR. We talked through the insights gained so far from our engagement with different dementia groups and explained where we were with the tool prototypes. With a Creative Brief agreed, StudioLR began work on concepts for the new service’s name and visual identity.

Last week I was able to take these concepts to the Positive Dementia Group in Aberdeen, who were kind enough to critique our ideas. We are keen to keep collaborating with people with dementia throughout this project because it is important to us that we design a truly valuable service. At the Aberdeen session, for example, it was great to gain an understanding of the most appropriate language to use within the service’s messaging. We were unsure if the phrase ‘stop driving’ was too stark and unsympathetic to those who may be experiencing the challenge of surrendering their driving licence. The feedback from the group, however, suggested that the clarity of ‘stop driving’ – which leaves little room for ambiguity – would be helpful for many people with dementia.

The input from this small group with fantastic and has already helped to steer our thinking on the name and visual identity. There will be lots more to share over the coming months with Project Onwards.

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