We’re very much overdue a project update to let everyone know how Project Onwards is progressing, so here it is…

So far in 2018

Work on the design of the service has been progressing well. We’re taking two angles with this: 1) we’re digging deeper now into the individual tools – their functionality and user interface, and 2) the overall service offering – the identity, format and channels we’ll use to deliver the service.

It was great to present at the March Life Changes Trust (LCT) Gathering in Perth. I usually enjoy hearing what all of the other LCT-funded projects are doing across Scotland, but this time it was us up on the stage telling people about Onwards. I joined Andy Hyde at the podium so we could talk about Go Upstream and Onwards together. We got some super feedback from the audience, which we’ll happily take onboard.

I’ve also been presenting at various transport conferences and often mention Project Onwards, which is always met with much interest because it is a pretty unique project in the transport world. We even told the Government’s Transport Select Committee about the project when we met the Committee at Westminster as part of their Mobility as a Service Inquiry.

What’s Next?

Over the coming months, we’ll hopefully see everything start to come together. There’s a lot of design work to do before we go on to commission a web development team to build our website for the online elements of the service. We’re looking forward to testing the tools as we go, so we’ll hopefully be back out soon and meeting with different groups to do this testing.

Let us know if you are interested to be involved in the testing.

Thanks, Beth

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