Scotland’s National Dementia Strategy

The Scottish Government issued the third National Dementia Strategy in June this year. It covers the years 2017 to 2020, by which point it is expected that there will be 20,000 new cases of dementia diagnosed each year in Scotland.

The Strategy explains a shared vision of:

A Scotland where people with dementia and those who care for them have access to timely, skilled and well-coordinated support from diagnosis to end of life which helps achieve the outcomes that matter to them.

We were interested to understand where Onwards can work to support the objectives detailed in the Strategy. There are two key points of interest for us:

  1. The final OUTCOME listed in the Strategy (page 10), asks that “there are more dementia-friendly and dementia-enabled communities, organisations, institutions and initiatives.” Onwards will start off as a project, but our aim is to create a sustainable, dementia-friendly mobility service which can become a core part of any dementia-enabled community.
  2. It is excellent to see that transport is highlighted as an AREA FOR COMMITMENT (page 21). The Strategy rightly stresses that, “people living with dementia have the right to full inclusion and participation in the community. This includes the use of private and public transport.” It goes on to encourage the creation of integrated, enabling journeys, resulting from new approaches to service design. I hope we can become an exemplary project in this area.

The Strategy is well worth a read for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of the challenges, policy-context, and ambitions for dementia care in Scotland.

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